Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Beach Bum

Ahhh... the life of a baby. Specifically, a Schapiro baby who gets to spend his days on the beach since his grandparents live there full time. I swear, this kid has it made! He'll be surfing with his dad in no time and he won't know the joy of spending 13 straight hours in the backseat of a car fighting with his sibling over space while heading to Florida (yes, I speak from experience). He simply naps in the car for an hour and ends up in beach heaven!

We had quite a labor day as my parents visited from Atlanta and we all headed down to the Jersey Shore. Having both sets of Grandparents for almost a week was a ridiculous love-fest for Daniel and there were times that I missed my own son because he was in someone else's arms more than my own (I wasn't complaining... especially when I was able to see a movie with my husband). Too bad life can't always be a day at the beach!

First, let's see how chill this baby is on the beach. He's already proving to be a beach bum:

Now for the photos. I wish I could post all of the pictures from the week at the beach, but here are some highlights (also blogger only lets me post 5 at a time. booooo)!

This is actually the very first picture of Daniel with his Mom & Dad since the hospital bed!

The whole mishpucha!

Honestly, how cute is this baby?! Here he is relaxing on Papa G's chest. Pretty comfy place, I'm sure!

Daniel was like a prince on a throne at the beach (also, I just noticed how tan I look):

Daniel with his Nana and Mimi... You couldn't ask for happier women!

There seems to be a lingering feeling among friends that something will go wrong when families are together... someone doesn't like someone, we need to entertain them all the time, stress in general from so many people being together... whatever those fears are, they quickly disappeared when we arrived at the shore. I just have to say how lucky I am and how very lucky Daniel is to be a part of this amazing family. The fun and ease of the week was truly amazing and I am so very thankful for both sets of parents for being who they are!


  1. I love that you did a pan of Daniel's audience at the beach- oh my f-ing hilarious!

  2. Papa G9/13/2009

    And thanks to you and Matt for giving us Daniel Bing and such another absolutely a wonderful, specail family...Janie, Mike, Richard, David and the whole mishpucha !!!!!