Saturday, February 2, 2013

Funny Conversation (#? I've stopped counting)

After an epic 3 hour playdate at one of both mine and Daniel's friend's house in the burbs...

Daniel:  "Mommy.  What's the Earth?"
Me:       "Earth is the planet that we live on"
Daniel:  "Is it in outer space?"
Me:       "Yup.  Sure is"
Daniel:  "So do we live in outer space?"
Me:       "No.  We live on Planet Earth, which is in outer space"
Daniel:  "So why don't we live in outer space"
Me:       "Um.  It's hard to explain"
Daniel:  "Well, there are meat eaters in outer space"
Me:       "What do you mean there are meat eaters?"
Daniel:  "Yeah. There are meat eaters in outer space"
Me:       "I didn't know there were meat eaters in outer space"
Daniel:  "Meat eaters are really big rocks that fly in outer space"
Me:       "OH! You mean METEORS?"
Daniel:  "Yeah.  Meat eaters"
Me:       "There is a difference between meat eaters and meteors" (i briefly explain a few of the key differences).  Where did you learn about meteors?"
Daniel:  "From Tudor at school"
Me:       "Cool"
Daniel: "Well, a meat eater is a T-Rex"
Me:      "Well, glad we got that straight."