Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bizarre Dreams

Since Daniel's arrival into the world, I've had some super jacked up dreams. Perhaps this will become a regular post? If you can interpret dreams, feel free to comment since they seem to be related and I'm sure they mean something. The most outstanding so far:

Last night: Daniel was a girl (but named Daniel) and while we were at a bar with him/her he/she started to run. Literally running. I looked around to tell Matt that our baby took his/her first steps but that those steps were actually in a sprint. Daniel looked really cute running around the bar and I kept saying how amazing it was that most kids may not walk until the age of 1 or later - but that Daniel is nearly 3 months old and already sprinting!

Last week or so: We were out somewhere and a newborn started walking. In the dream I remember thinking, "Is Daniel behind because he's not walking?" and when I woke up all I could think about was how bizarre a newborn looks walking around a room.

Many weeks ago: I used to live on a great block in the West Village and next door was a restaurant that my roommate, Sara, and I used to frequent. We became friends with the owner who had a son about 5 years ago. In this dream I was on the steps of a pool with Daniel. The pool actually turned into the ocean after the steps ended. Suddenly the owner of the restaurant (who, by the way, I haven't seen in years) came swimming up to us to say hi. Following closely behind was a snorkel. I asked who was swimming with him and all of the sudden his infant son came swimming up to us - goggle and snorkel. I was amazed that his son could swim by himself as an infant but he didn't seem to think it was such a big deal.

I really don't think that Daniel is developmentally behind in any way - so what's up with these dreams??

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Being a stay-at-home mom (not permanent... only for 6 short months) is something that I am quickly learning is quite indescribable. I never really thought about being a SAHM (this is the acronym that I've learned through the mommy circles) because it's not something that I can do for financial reasons and never really thought I'd ever want to do for emotional reasons.

I think I'll have an entire post (or many) on this subject - especially as we get closer to January when I have to return to work - but for tonight, I am cherishing the fact that staying at home with Daniel allows me to see all of his milestones. While these milestones aren't things as seemingly exciting as talking or walking, they are the very beginning stages of my son's development and it is absolutely fascinating to watch. Every day he does something new - a build upon something he did the day before - and I watch him in awe as I witness personal evolution in the making.

Lately he's not only smiling, but he's understanding that there is a sound that he can make when he smiles to express himself better (the beginning stage of a laugh). I tried to capture it in these pictures

He's starting to pay attention to his feet and he's recently started to feel around for his, um, male parts while I change his diaper (the beginning stage of ... oy veh). In terms of motor skills, he's grabbing things all over the place and I'm now watching him learn how to let go of those things.

Today he did something wonderful... he took a block from me and held it above his chest. I know that some of you are now yawning (big deal, right??) but I gotta say that it was so exciting that I grabbed my iPhone and started to record (note to self for a later post: what would I do without my iPhone?). Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For My Husband on his Birthday

I realize that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have a husband who is brilliant, hilarious, passionate, loving and enormously generous. As a father, he has absolutely blown me away by how much he loves being a dad and how good he is at being one. He kept our family together during the early weeks of Daniel's life when I was too much of a mess to do so. He stayed up with me night after night helping me breastfeed, telling me that I was beautiful (believe me, I was not!) and instilling me with the confidence I needed more than anything else in the world.

His entire body lights up every single day when he opens his eyes and sees Daniel. He is constantly wanting to take Daniel from me (as he says, "Gimme it") so that I can have a break and so that he simply has Daniel. And, in the 11 weeks of Daniel's life, he has never put anything before his son or me - making us feel like we are the only other people in Matt's world.

I have no doubt that we are raising another "little Matt" and I couldn't be happier that my son gets to grow up to be like his father. Below are just a few of my favorite shots and videos of Matt and Daniel. Some are obvious "Like Father, Like Son" moments and some are moments that show the exact reason that I am the luckiest girl in the world: I have a husband who is the most beautiful and remarkable man in the world.

So... Happy Birthday, my love. You have made my world a magical, astonishing place and every time I see you I thank every inch of sky and space for bringing us together. I speak for Daniel when I tell you that we are both so proud of who you are and we thank you for everything you do for us. We wish you all of your birthday wishes!

And, just to take a walk down that lane called Memory... here's a shot from when Matt & I were just friends (Halloween 2003, to be exact). I look at this picture and cannot even believe that we ended up married and having babies!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New Way to Bathe

We live in a pretty amazing apartment. It's the bottom duplex of a very large brownstone with gorgeous original details, high ceilings, a formal dining room and tons of space. Oh - also we have a rockin' backyard (one can achieve this kind of rental living once they leave Manhattan!). Having said that, our bathrooms... not so much! They've been just fine for Matt & me, but we really have no place to bathe Daniel. We've been using a portable tub on our kitchen counter and it's becoming an issue because he's getting big (hello! he gained 3 pounds in a month! And he is exclusively breastfed... my Dad has asked if my body is actually producing formula) and the infant bathtubs either leak or they're not big enough.

So, I decided to be a little more European and test out the bath pod. This is something that's becoming popular around town for a few reasons: 1. We are living in the tri-state area and people like to just try new things; 2. Major space saver; 3. Something about the bathing environment being closer to the womb... but whatevs, I mostly care about #2.

Here's a little video of the first time Daniel got into the pod. Keep in mind that this kid loves the bath. Let's see how long we use this for before putting in the already growing pile of "Things we bought because the packaging said BABY and now we don't use it!"

He looks damn cute in it, though!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Beach Bum

Ahhh... the life of a baby. Specifically, a Schapiro baby who gets to spend his days on the beach since his grandparents live there full time. I swear, this kid has it made! He'll be surfing with his dad in no time and he won't know the joy of spending 13 straight hours in the backseat of a car fighting with his sibling over space while heading to Florida (yes, I speak from experience). He simply naps in the car for an hour and ends up in beach heaven!

We had quite a labor day as my parents visited from Atlanta and we all headed down to the Jersey Shore. Having both sets of Grandparents for almost a week was a ridiculous love-fest for Daniel and there were times that I missed my own son because he was in someone else's arms more than my own (I wasn't complaining... especially when I was able to see a movie with my husband). Too bad life can't always be a day at the beach!

First, let's see how chill this baby is on the beach. He's already proving to be a beach bum:

Now for the photos. I wish I could post all of the pictures from the week at the beach, but here are some highlights (also blogger only lets me post 5 at a time. booooo)!

This is actually the very first picture of Daniel with his Mom & Dad since the hospital bed!

The whole mishpucha!

Honestly, how cute is this baby?! Here he is relaxing on Papa G's chest. Pretty comfy place, I'm sure!

Daniel was like a prince on a throne at the beach (also, I just noticed how tan I look):

Daniel with his Nana and Mimi... You couldn't ask for happier women!

There seems to be a lingering feeling among friends that something will go wrong when families are together... someone doesn't like someone, we need to entertain them all the time, stress in general from so many people being together... whatever those fears are, they quickly disappeared when we arrived at the shore. I just have to say how lucky I am and how very lucky Daniel is to be a part of this amazing family. The fun and ease of the week was truly amazing and I am so very thankful for both sets of parents for being who they are!