Monday, August 31, 2009

Being a Rockstar Baby

There was no way that this baby was going to enter the world without Rockstar status. I've made a lifelong commitment to being a Rockstar wannabe, so when my son was born, the Rockstar gifts came crashing in like a good Aerosmith song. Seriously, the kid was covered with an "I am a Rockstar" blanket at his Bris!

I love these gifts and while a lot of them were a bit big for Daniel when they first arrived, we're finally getting the chance to show off his Rockstar destiny (thanks to Aimee & Lisa for this get-up)

Possibly a bit too early to teach him to rock out? No way!

And like any real badass Rockstar, vomiting on oneself is just part of the gig!

I told Matt that I'm already excited to teach Daniel to say "Rock On!" to which he just kind of moaned and ignored me.

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