Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For My Husband on his Birthday

I realize that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have a husband who is brilliant, hilarious, passionate, loving and enormously generous. As a father, he has absolutely blown me away by how much he loves being a dad and how good he is at being one. He kept our family together during the early weeks of Daniel's life when I was too much of a mess to do so. He stayed up with me night after night helping me breastfeed, telling me that I was beautiful (believe me, I was not!) and instilling me with the confidence I needed more than anything else in the world.

His entire body lights up every single day when he opens his eyes and sees Daniel. He is constantly wanting to take Daniel from me (as he says, "Gimme it") so that I can have a break and so that he simply has Daniel. And, in the 11 weeks of Daniel's life, he has never put anything before his son or me - making us feel like we are the only other people in Matt's world.

I have no doubt that we are raising another "little Matt" and I couldn't be happier that my son gets to grow up to be like his father. Below are just a few of my favorite shots and videos of Matt and Daniel. Some are obvious "Like Father, Like Son" moments and some are moments that show the exact reason that I am the luckiest girl in the world: I have a husband who is the most beautiful and remarkable man in the world.

So... Happy Birthday, my love. You have made my world a magical, astonishing place and every time I see you I thank every inch of sky and space for bringing us together. I speak for Daniel when I tell you that we are both so proud of who you are and we thank you for everything you do for us. We wish you all of your birthday wishes!

And, just to take a walk down that lane called Memory... here's a shot from when Matt & I were just friends (Halloween 2003, to be exact). I look at this picture and cannot even believe that we ended up married and having babies!!!


  1. OMG, I cannot believe you still have pictures from that night! Was that Matt's Jackie Gleason look? Who is Gil supposed to be? Did I take this picture? I love that Roy's head is in it just enough to be reminded of his lack of a costume (this is what makes me think I took this picture). Bowery Bar, no? Was that the same Halloween that we saw the girl with Starry Night painted on her boobs? Whoa.

  2. And lest I forget, Happy Birthday Matt.