Monday, May 17, 2010

Daniel "walking"

Danie's friend, Oliver, turned ONE and we celebrated in a Hoboken park this past Saturday. Since the lawn was large, it was easy to let Daniel crawl around and play on his own or with his friends (amazing relief since we are used to guarding him from our non-baby-proofed home). I looked around to see were my little guy was... and low and behold, I saw THIS:

Is this exciting or what? We promptly came home and Uncle Richie put together this amazing wagon from the Roonbergs. One problem: things with wheels move MUCH faster on hardwood floors than they do on grass. He may not be quite ready yet!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Very Belated 10 Month Birthday Post!

Daniel Bing turned 10 months about a week ago.  We were in Atlanta visiting my home for a week and celebrated Mother's Day there, as well.  Daniel rocked the ATL.  He hung out with his grandparents (Nana & Papa G) every day while I worked and then partied over the weekend with his whole family.

The past month has gone by extremely fast and I can only blame my current travel schedule for that.  In fact, I honestly feel like I missed the entire 9th month of my son's life because I was on the road every week during the month.  I have 2 more weeks of travel and then I'm considering myself "grounded" until the end of the summer.  I miss my guys!
Here they are in all of their glory!
While not to much "major" stuff has happened between months 9 & 10,  I will say that Daniel is up to a few amazing new tricks:
- He loves his tooth and plays with it a lot (yes, 10 months and one tooth)
- Waving (goodbye, we think... sometimes he just waves)
- Mama and Dada are now regular "words" but he doesn't direct those words towards us
- The little dude is STRONG.  Honestly, how can someone who weighs 21 pounds be so damn strong?
- Crusing (slowly but surely)
- Climbing up stairs (he's basically become a pro even in our own brownstone which has super steep and narrow stairs)
- He's getting really good at singing with me
- He is SUPER smiley and giggly.  This is new for Daniel and may become it's own blog post
- He now owns 3 pairs of shoes
- His poops STINK (sorry, but I am trying to detail his life, you know!)
- He wants to eat and drink everything that we are eating and drinking.  This is good until he projectile vomits in a restaurant (apparently my sister did this all the time, too)
- When I tap my hand against his mouth, he says "ahhhh" and it makes a funny sound (learned this from Christine & Barrett and I have always looked forward to it!)
- Flirts HARD CORE
- Dances kind of like I did when I would go to Phish shows in college (he shakes his head "no) and kind of grooves

My little man is getting so big and I used to be really scared of this.  I used to think that the bigger he got, the less of my baby he would be.  But it's the opposite - I fall more in love with him as the days go on because I get to know him so much better.

Daniel's 10 month birthday fell one day before Mother's Day (obviously my first) and I feel honored to be this little man's mommy.  I hope that I keep improving with time and make him proud of me - just like I will always be of him!

I've taken so much video in the last month that I've tried to put together a little montage.  I hope it works and hope you enjoy (sorry if it's too long and excuse all of the nudity!)

Once again, Happy Birthday my little boy!