Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New Way to Bathe

We live in a pretty amazing apartment. It's the bottom duplex of a very large brownstone with gorgeous original details, high ceilings, a formal dining room and tons of space. Oh - also we have a rockin' backyard (one can achieve this kind of rental living once they leave Manhattan!). Having said that, our bathrooms... not so much! They've been just fine for Matt & me, but we really have no place to bathe Daniel. We've been using a portable tub on our kitchen counter and it's becoming an issue because he's getting big (hello! he gained 3 pounds in a month! And he is exclusively breastfed... my Dad has asked if my body is actually producing formula) and the infant bathtubs either leak or they're not big enough.

So, I decided to be a little more European and test out the bath pod. This is something that's becoming popular around town for a few reasons: 1. We are living in the tri-state area and people like to just try new things; 2. Major space saver; 3. Something about the bathing environment being closer to the womb... but whatevs, I mostly care about #2.

Here's a little video of the first time Daniel got into the pod. Keep in mind that this kid loves the bath. Let's see how long we use this for before putting in the already growing pile of "Things we bought because the packaging said BABY and now we don't use it!"

He looks damn cute in it, though!


  1. The cuteness, the cuteness!! - bottle the bath water and market a cocktail!

  2. That thing (the pod) is hilarious. Daniel is super cute. This is the kind of thing Roy won't let me post due to full frontal. He's such a square.