Thursday, September 24, 2009


Being a stay-at-home mom (not permanent... only for 6 short months) is something that I am quickly learning is quite indescribable. I never really thought about being a SAHM (this is the acronym that I've learned through the mommy circles) because it's not something that I can do for financial reasons and never really thought I'd ever want to do for emotional reasons.

I think I'll have an entire post (or many) on this subject - especially as we get closer to January when I have to return to work - but for tonight, I am cherishing the fact that staying at home with Daniel allows me to see all of his milestones. While these milestones aren't things as seemingly exciting as talking or walking, they are the very beginning stages of my son's development and it is absolutely fascinating to watch. Every day he does something new - a build upon something he did the day before - and I watch him in awe as I witness personal evolution in the making.

Lately he's not only smiling, but he's understanding that there is a sound that he can make when he smiles to express himself better (the beginning stage of a laugh). I tried to capture it in these pictures

He's starting to pay attention to his feet and he's recently started to feel around for his, um, male parts while I change his diaper (the beginning stage of ... oy veh). In terms of motor skills, he's grabbing things all over the place and I'm now watching him learn how to let go of those things.

Today he did something wonderful... he took a block from me and held it above his chest. I know that some of you are now yawning (big deal, right??) but I gotta say that it was so exciting that I grabbed my iPhone and started to record (note to self for a later post: what would I do without my iPhone?). Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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