Monday, August 31, 2009

Being a Rockstar Baby

There was no way that this baby was going to enter the world without Rockstar status. I've made a lifelong commitment to being a Rockstar wannabe, so when my son was born, the Rockstar gifts came crashing in like a good Aerosmith song. Seriously, the kid was covered with an "I am a Rockstar" blanket at his Bris!

I love these gifts and while a lot of them were a bit big for Daniel when they first arrived, we're finally getting the chance to show off his Rockstar destiny (thanks to Aimee & Lisa for this get-up)

Possibly a bit too early to teach him to rock out? No way!

And like any real badass Rockstar, vomiting on oneself is just part of the gig!

I told Matt that I'm already excited to teach Daniel to say "Rock On!" to which he just kind of moaned and ignored me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Poppy the Charmer and a Celebrated Sneeze!

A few weeks ago Daniel had the distinct pleasure of spending a weekend with his great grandparents: Gram and Poppy. Even though Poppy said that he didn't think he could fall in love with such a small baby (he was expecting the boundless love to kick in somewhere around 6 months) he fell head over heels for the Bing Man.

This was at the same time that Daniel started to really focus on people - but he wasn't doing it all the time... until Poppy charmed him!

It was so great to watch Daniel interact with Gram and Poppy. Here's Daniel with Poppy and Daddy:

And with Gram and Mimi:

I think about my grandparents right now and know how much they would love Daniel. I am certain that Daniel will bring as much life into the world as his great grandfather, Bing, did and I can't wait to see if he's as good of a card player as his namesake!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Start a Blog (a.k.a. a challenge from my husband)

Daniel Bing is 7 weeks, 2 days old today and since I originally planned to start this blog to track my pregnancy I can't really blame my husband for not really believing that I would ever actually do anything on this blog. But, I don't like to prove him right - so here we go.

The Bing Man (as I like to call him) is sleeping peacefully (fingers crossed) and while I should be writing thank you notes (ha!) I'm focused on what story I should start this blog off with (oh no! I suddenly realize that I need to be grammatically correct as this blog will be viewed by millions of people... or maybe a couple of dozen people... did I just end that sentence with a preposition? That's against the rules, I know).

It kind of feels like an eternity since Daniel was born. He came into the world so quickly (honestly... 4 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, people) and rocked our worlds in an instant. Those first few weeks were anything but easy, but we made it through and we're now in our groove and I couldn't be happier. In fact, I cried this morning out of HAPPINESS while looking at my perfect little boy and feeling an overwhelming amount of love and joy while Miley Cyrus sang on the Today Show (am I still having hormonal issues??)

Here are a few pictures from birth to last week. He's grown so much that it blows my mind:

I don't really think that this one needs an explanation - but I would like to say that our nurse (Lori) at St. Vincent's was unreal. I have no memory of Matt having our camera out at this point, but I'm so happy that we got this.

Aunt Andi got Daniel this rockin' onesie to honor my love of Bon Jovi. Daniel is a little over a week old in this shot.

This must be one of the cutest bath pictures ever.

Daniel turned one month when we were down the shore. Most comments on this photo have been about how big his shorts are on him.

I was shocked when I woke Daniel up in his bassinet last week to see that he is almost growing out of it. I had to take this picture so that I remember how big he looked.

So I believe that I have won the challenge from my husband. My blog has officially begun. I'm staring at Daniel in his Bjorn seat (thanks to the Bahats... one of the best gifts ever) and I'm amazed by this little boy. The act of starting this blog leaves me wondering what it will capture over the years. I can only hope that when he is old enough to look at it and, eventually, read it, that it makes him laugh, cry and all those other emotions that your parents' memories leave you feeling.