Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where We've Been and What's Been Up With Us

It's obvious when things are so hectically out of control that I don't even remember the last time I posted anything substantial.  I've actually felt the absence of posting to my blog but haven't been able to pull together the time to do anything about it.  So, here I am - months and months later with much too much to say for one blog post.  So, I'll begin to make up for my absence with a little catch up on what's been happening with us.

Part 1:  Daniel Bing
One word:  INCREDIBLE.
Daniel is now close to 17 months old and my little baby has transformed into a full-blown, cute-as-can-be toddler.  He's close to 25 pounds and got his 4th (yes, 4th!) haircut this morning.  He is definitely classified as a "lover" and not a "fighter".  Daniel hugs and kisses almost anything and anyone.  He is a still crazy over anything fluffy and soft.  Today we were hanging out at the Union Square holiday market with Lauren and Richie and while we were looking at some hats, Daniel literally started cuddling with a furry tablecloth.  Strange, but adorable.

Physically, Daniel acts more like a 2 year old than a 17 month old.  He skips the baby play areas and heads straight for where the older kids are playing.  He shows no fear... well, except for today when he wouldn't stand on a sewer grate (I don't blame him).  He's still very much into music and loves it when Matt plays the bass guitar at night.  He loves to dance and the moves he pulls out are quite impressive... especially while he's in his carseat... he has some serious arm moves.

He still isn't saying many words.  Only a few... kitty, uh-oh, mama (this means that he wants something), dada and he did say up and apple last week... but nothing since.  He understands everything so I think he's just being lazy.  I love being able to say "go give the baby a kiss" and watch him walk over to a baby or a toy and kiss it but I really can't wait for him to start saying more.

The big news is that he just spent 3 weeks in Atlanta with my parents (Nana Max and Papa G).   10 days of the 3 weeks were spent alone with my parents while Matt and I were in Argentina.  Daniel was spoiled beyond belief and he had an amazing time - we're so proud of him (and so beyond thankful to my parents!).  My parents had him booked up with more activities in 10 days then he does in a month in Jersey.   He picked up some very cute new things:  holding his nose and saying "pee-yew" when we change a poop, sweeping, helping with the dishes, covering his ears when the coffee maker grinds the coffee beans and, our favorite, spitting after he brushes his teeth (this really is just a pretend spit so it's really cute).  Daniel is also officially a dog lover.  While he had to defend his food at all times, he loved spending 3 weeks with my parent's crazy dog, Jake, and we can't wait to get him a puppy.  He was also allowed to have his binky and his blanket ANYTIME (something he doesn't do at home) so now we're dealing with a very attached little boy to his bink and blanket as you'll see from the piano video below.

Matt and I are, like all parents, ridiculously in love with this child.  My friend, Heather, always says that her favorite age is 18 months so I've been anxiously waiting for this time and I couldn't agree with her more.  When Daniel sees me come into a room and runs over to me and hugs me tight around the neck, it takes everything to not cry.  He is enamored by Matt and seeing my boys run around the house can keep me happily occupied forever.

Here are few recent pics and clips:

I mean, it doesn't get cuter than this
Tickling fit
The Family Pic (note that Jake is probably looking for food and Stella is trying to get out of the picture)
Security threat at Newark
Cuddling on the way to the Atlanta airport.  Already sad to say goodbye to Nana, Papa, Andi, Gabe, Stella and Jake!
This was so fun that I got in there with him
The Cantilo family got new kittens and Daniel LOVED them

Part 2:  Marni & Matt

I'll make this close... 10 days without Daniel in Argentina.  It was not easy (I know.. those of you with older kids are laughing at me now).  I think 7 days would have been fine, but 10 was simply too long.   However, the trip was amazing for us.  There were many times (in between talking about what we thought Daniel was doing) that it felt like it did before we had Daniel.  Just funny and fun and nothing to do but relax and be together.

We are incredibly lucky that we were able to go on this trip but I think we're happy to stay put for a little while.

The wonderful thing about the trip was also the timing... my best friend, Jody, gave birth to her 3rd little girl, Lila Claire, right before we came home... and 6 weeks early.  Loving on that little girl was a perfect addition to our trip and Daniel may have his first crush.

A view to die for in Bariloche
Our little rental car in Bariloche.  The scenic drives were absolutely unreal
Perito Mereno Glacier in El Calafate.  We hiked on this glacier for 4 hours and it was amazing!
Eolo Hotel in Calafate - view from a hike we did.  This place was heaven.
Another view of Perito Mereno
Matt, my glacier man
Me and baby Lila.  She's a peanut and we love her!

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