Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Blizzard

The Governor has declared a State of Emergency for the entire state of New Jersey.  We headed across the street to our park to see how Daniel would deal in the crazy wind, snow and general fun.  If you remember last year's massive snowstorm, Daniel didn't know which side was up - so Matt and I were so excited to see how he would react today.  He was slightly cautious but started screaming as soon as we said "let's head home".  Guess he liked it!  Unfortunately we ended the snow excursion on a bad note:  we put Daniel on a slide (alone) that was covered in snow.  He basically shot off like a cannon ball and skidded on the snow on his flat back.  It was kind of hysterical, but not so much when he started screaming (luckily the snowsuit Mimi bought him cushioned anything that could have possibly hurt him - but the surprise launch was enough for him!

Check us out:

Daniel is amazed.  And warm in his snowsuit big enough for 2 kids!

Also, thanks to Wade Holsapple for handing down his snow boots.  Perfect fit!

Matt teaching Daniel to throw snowballs

And to eat snow (Daniel wasn't super into it)

Loving the snow - can't wait to see it when it hits 14+ inches tomorrow morning!
And, if the pictures weren't enough... here's a video.  Daniel loved it. 


  1. Here is my review of the snowstorm video:
    1. Is it totally gay that I cried???
    2. I was kinda hoping he would have wobbled too far to the left or right and fallen over- is that mean? It would have been very humorous.
    3.Matt looks like as happy as his 18 month son in the snow.
    4. I agree 100%- why the hell do you need an umbrella in a snow storm----- oh I know- YOU DON'T!
    5. Wish I was there for the fun!
    XOXOX Aunt Andi

  2. Love the snow-pant-thigh-rub swishing sound effect AND the droll