Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Will & Testament

Matt and I signed our wills today.   Quite the intense morning.

The actual signing wasn't intense or stressful.  In fact, it's always a pleasure to hang out with our lawyer.  He's hysterical and happens to be the president of our synagogue so I actually feel a little more Jewish after spending time with him.

The rest of the day was fairly intense, though.  We had to get these wills signed because we are going on a very long trip without Daniel.  Signing them was a last minute "G-d forbid" action that we've been meaning to do for 15 months now and those papers have now made the whole "what would happen" so real.

I'm feeling excited, yet incredibly nervous/guilty about going on this trip.  10 days in Argentina without our little man.  My friends all say that this is good for all of us.  While I've been on business trips (max = 4 days), Matt and I have only been apart from Daniel at the same time for 2 days.  I've been working so much and traveling so much that any free time I have I want to spend with him.  So, you can understand the guilt.  BUT, Matt and I need this trip and I know that Daniel will be in good hands (with my parents in Atlanta probably mixing Gin & Tonics by the time we return).  So, we find ourselves signing wills.

Anyone who has gone through this understands what a mind trip it is.  We're not going to die on this trip... but we could... but we won't... but we could.  But really we'll just be eating delicious steak and hiking on glaciers and Daniel will be spoiled rotten by my parents.

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