Monday, February 22, 2010

Daniel Rocks the Playground

First, apologies for the lack of posts. Remind me to post about being a working mom.

On Sunday we were lucky enough for a little bit of mild weather and took the opportunity to head to Van Vorst Park for a little family fun. While I've taken Daniel to the swings before, the only time we've actually been in the playground section was when friends were visiting with their 3 year old kids and Daniel slept in the baby bjorn.

Well, not today. Playgrounds everywhere should be on the lookout for this kid!


  1. love that you're both in camo- very urban jungle!

  2. My little man is STANDING! Oh my goodness.

  3. By the time he gets back from Atlanta, he'll be hanging from the monkey bars - OMG - can't wait
    Love you all, Nana Max