Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7 Months Already!? A long post

Another month - a whole new baby boy!

Daniel is simply amazing and is getting cooler, funnier, smarter and cuter by the day! Here are some new highlights:
1. In his never ending attempt to crawl, Daniel is mastering a very groovy move that starts as swimming and ends in a plank. It's like he remembers me doing Pilates when I was newly preggers! I must get this on video.
2. What a talker! Daniel's vocab is robust (and I'm not just talking about the VERY WET raspberries!). He really likes Bs, Zs, Ds and Ahhhs. (I just spent 2 hours trying to rotate this video, so I'm over it - enjoy it sideways!)

3. A foodie in the making. Daniel is pretty much eating (and enjoying) almost anything. He is still a sucker for avocado, but he is now eating whole milk plain yogurt (no sugary stuff for him), he tasted and LOVED some tomato soup the other day and loves a homemade broccoli puree. We're starting beans, tofu and salmon next! He also recently mastered his "pincher reflex" so he's picking up little "puffs" and getting them into his mouth (again, sorry about the sideways video).

4. He hangs out, plain and simple. We just spent a weekend in Stowe, Vermont for Daniel's Uncle Richie's birthday in a beautiful house with 13 people. Daniel was MVP. Never cried, always happy, ate snow, slept amazingly every night and didn't wake anyone up too early in the morning. Perfect kid. Here he is in the snow and with the other Birthday Boy, which may be one of my favorite pictures to date!

5. He talks himself to sleep (see previous post)
6. He loves to be naked!

7. (My personal fave) Daniel goes CRAZY when I come home from work. Today he screamed and giggled when he saw me and continued to laugh hysterically and love on me for a good hour. It was HEAVENLY!

I told my mother-in-law that I am literally counting my blessings right now. I have an unbelievable son, I absolutely love my job, we just bought a brownstone that we get to completely renovate and my husband is the best stay-at-home dad in the world. Life is sweet!

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  1. The cutest, most adorable baby in the world - yes my darling, you are blessed. Can't wait to see you - give The Bingman kisses from Nana Max and Poppa G
    I love you , Ema