Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Party Weekend

Two very important people celebrated their birthdays this past weekend: Our dear friend, Asher, rang in his 30th year and Daniel's GREAT Grandfather, Poppy, celebrated his 87th (or 57th annual 30th birthday). We spent the weekend in Philly to ring in the birthdays and had a blast. Not only did we stay in Corey's ridiculous apartment (yes, he LIVES in the Ritz Carlton) with the most intense view in all of Philly,
but we experienced a couple "firsts" in terms of parenting:

1. We had to pick Daniel up from the "babysitter" (our friends) because he woke up and didn't know where he was/who he was with and was a mess because of it. The books said that he would start experiencing "stranger anxiety" but we really didn't think it would happen in the middle of our dinner.

2. I spent my very first night apart from Daniel. We dropped him off at Matt's Aunt & Uncle's house where my Mother-in-Law (Daniel's "Mimi") spent the night to help out (also the home of his Cousin Lizzy... his favorite person ever, second to his Poppy). While I felt like I was naked all night long - I had one hell of a night and look forward to doing it again! This is from the morning after his first slumber party (luckily he doesn't experience stranger anxiety with his family). Luckily there are no pictures of ME from the morning after!

3. We're loosening up about the food we put into Daniel's mouth as seen here with this pickle (he didn't even flinch.. just started to devour it):

Happy Birthday Poppy & Asher. Two amazing men who Daniel loves very much!

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  1. Wm. Penn looks mighty fine from Corey's window!