Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laughter Finally Caught on Tape!

Excuse the poor quality of the film...but enjoy that beautiful laughter!


  1. Popa G1/24/2010

    What a greatvoice,maybe he'll my father (oleshascholem). Love you DB

  2. Poor Poppa G doesn't email to well - what he meant to say is that maybe The Bingman will be blessed with his father's voice (may he rest in peace)
    OMG - that's hysterical - it's amazing to hear sounds coming out of the litte man - he's a happy camper thanks to his wonderful parents. His hair is getting darker and he looks more like Marni every day (don't worry Matt - he's still almost all you) love him so and miss you so much.

    Hugs and kisses to the laughing Bingman - and my love to you both. Can't wait to see everyone. Love Nana Max

  3. Lydia & Bella1/26/2010

    This is precious. :) We have the same Land of Nod mat in our playroom :) Can't wait to see Daniel and everyone again! Bella says maaaaa!! That's baby for HEEYYY Daniel!