Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 Months

Weight - 171bs, 11oz; 50%
Length - 26 1/4"; 50%
Head - 43 1/4cm; 50%

You know how it's often the case that the new year will come around and we'll say to ourselves "wow, where did the year go"?

Well, I can see exactly where the last 6 months have gone - I just can't get my head wrapped around the fact that it has, in fact, already gone! Daniel has gained 10lbs, 1oz. He's grown almost 7 inches and his head is 10 cm bigger than when he was born!

When Daniel was born my friends told me that they didn't remember their kids being that little. I thought it was horrible that one wouldn't remember something as special as that... but here I am only 6 months later and I can't remember how Daniel felt when he was less than 8 pounds. In fact, it seems absolutely impossible to me that Daniel was that little. I also remember my friends saying that it was OK that they didn't remember the feeling of such a tiny baby because the bigger the baby became, the more fun they were and the better it was to be a mom was.

I couldn't agree more.

These days, Daniel is just simply playful. He sits unassisted so he'll just hang out on the floor and chew on his toys or he'll flirt with us, laugh when we play peek-a-boo and try to touch himself in the mirror. He's pretty much obsessed with Poop (our cat, not the actual poop in his diaper) and he is actually beginning to get upset when a stranger takes him from us (uh-oh). While it's not super cute, he's also starting to throw little fits when we try to strap him in his carseat or lay him down to change him. The fits suck - but they show that he is a determined little guy and I appreciate and respect that quality.

This is a picture of Daniel riding on the wooden rocking horse that Matt used to play with as a child. Matt puts him on the horse every day and sings a song to him. Daniel gets so happy that it could melt your heart and I can only imagine how fast it will feel when he's sitting on it by himself and pretending that he's a cowboy.

Happy 1/2 Birthday, baby!


  1. Sweet baby boy, when you get older ask your Daddy about Bucky the Wonder Horse.

  2. I guess Nana and Poppa G will have to buy him his own pony - OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!