Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Update

Since January 1, I've been on 6 business trips.  Apologies for the crazy lack of posts.

Luckily while my posts have been few and far between, my little man hasn't missed a beat and is simply sprouting.  I have a blast with him, but I'm still freaked out by how quickly he is growing up and wish I could just slow down time.  I know I should live every day in the moment and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday - but it's really hard when my little baby is suddenly talking to me in his own strange sentences.

The words are free flowing at this point (though I still usually don't know what he's saying) and the thing I love the most right now is that he is finally starting to sing along with me.  He especially loves to sing the ABC song (again, he's not really saying the letters but he is singing the tune, pausing when we pause, etc).  He gets into bed with us in the morning and likes to "hide" under the covers (we have to be under them, too) and he is just crazy happy all the time (well, except when he's not happy - that's a whole other story and an entirely separate blog post.  Let's just say that it's no longer easy to take something away from him).

He knows so much now.  He points to objects when I ask where they are.  He literally plugs in, turns on and asks his Daddy to play the bass when he wants to hear it.  He started to attempt to pull up his pants after I change a diaper.  He saw me use the lint brush today, asked for it and started de-linting his jeans.  He also recently started putting his finger up his nose.  Hmmm... not so sure about the cuteness factor here.

He also loves to brush his teeth (sometimes pantless) and use utencils as you can see in these videos.

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  1. Best pantless short subject in the documentary category ever ...