Sunday, May 15, 2011

"I Love You" and a whole lot more!

Today Daniel said "I love you" (after I've been asking him to say it for months, people)!  It's really more like "wuv ew" but it melted my heart nonetheless.  I've been trying desperately to carve out time to post to the blog for the past 2 months and I could not put this off for another day.

There are so many awesome and hilarious things that Daniel is doing these days but saying that he loves me really takes the cake.  My friend, Sara, told me that this would be happening soon and I've been wondering how it would happen and when.  See, I believe that the acknowledgement of LOVE is so completely complex that he really wouldn't get it.  But not only did he say that he loves me, he hugged me so tightly around the neck and pushed his face so hard against mine, that I know that he feels exactly what I feel when I hold him and tell him that I love him.  That "Of Mice and Men" feeling when I think I can't possibly squeeze him or kiss him hard enough.  

Daniel is 22 months old.  We will celebrate his 2nd birthday in the park with a big party (we're throwing a joint party with his friend, Connor) and I feel like these last couple of months are the last "official" months of him being my baby boy.  I watch him walk down the street and it nearly brings tears to my eyes to see how big he is, how great and huge his personality is and, these days, how independent he tries to be.

Daniel is a complete joy to be with.  He doesn't throw tantrums (yet), he doesn't get greedy with his toys (too often) and he likes to sweetly hold hands with his little friends (mostly the girls).  He talks almost as much as I do (I barely know what he's saying most of the time) and he loves to sing (just like him mommy!). 

Here are some of his new (or new to this blog) favorite things:
 - Counting!  I have to get this on video.  He counts by saying un, ree, ree, four, and then something like seven and then more un, un.  It's damn cute.  His favorite thing to count is when Matt empties his pockets every night and Daniel gets to put all of the change in his piggy soccer bank.  He cheers when he's done!
- Bubbles!  Daniel says "bubboos".  My mother recently taught him to blow his own bubbles and then my sister took that lesson to the pool - so drinking water is now tons of fun - and very messy!
Aunt Andi ("D" as Daniel calls her) teaching Daniel the art of Bubble Blowing in Miami
- Jumping... specifically in puddles and telling the cat to jump.  He says "poop. jump."  Poop (our cat) ignores him.
- Trucks.  Wow - this kid loves trucks.  I mean, WOW.  He still calls them "uch".  His all-time favorite is still the fire truck.  He points to them and says "wee-ew, wee-ew, wee-ew"
- Trains.  "Choo-Choo".  He spots a train or train tracks so quickly it's like he smells them
- Singing the ABCs into a microphone.  We have one of those cheap vibrating plastic microphones but really any mic will do (the below video does not do this justice and he's full blown into singing by himself now.  It's amazing how great his rhythm is).
- Our cat, Poop.  Daniel has suddenly become obsessed with our cat.  It's incredibly sweet - especially since our cat was pretty much homicidal 3 years ago.  Thankfully Poop is now old (almost 17) and I think he realizes that Daniel is here to stay, so he better just chill out and deal with a little toddler poking at him.
- Cheering, in general.  Daniel loves to shout "Yay" to whatever it is he might be doing.  Sometimes it's just "Yay, Mommy" or "Yay, Daddy".  Sometimes he's so excited that he puts all the names together, "Yay, DaMommyPoop"

Looking way too much like his Daddy
There is so much more to describe so I promise to this blog (really to Daniel) that I will be posting a lot over the next month in order to catch up with my growing boy.
Reading in his room

Doing it up at on "Take Your Child to Work Day"

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