Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready for the Big ONE

One year ago, at about this time (8pm-ish) I was so completely done with being pregnant that I yelled at my husband about anything I could think of, ordered the spiciest thai food on the menu and then braced myself and my poor husband for the sex I was going to force us to have in order to induce labor.

Sex was unnecessary.

About 3 hours from now, one year ago, my water broke.


  1. I love these photos!
    Although I have to admit, when I first opened to this post, I thought you were announcing a pregnancy.

    Happy almost birthday, Daniel!

  2. If I had been drinking water, I would have just spit it out!

  3. i thought the same exact thing... "she's pregnant"! Such a cute post... Happy Birthday Daniel!!

  4. Love it sweetie - you did a FINE JOB - thanks for Daniel
    Nana Max