Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today is our first Father's Day.  The day that we celebrate Daddy and let him do anything he wants (which was:  sleep til 1pm, watch soccer and eat ice cream).

We have a lot to celebrate in this household.  Matt (Daddy, as Daniel knows him) is a stay-at-home-Dad and devotes his days to Daniel.  They play, go on adventures, meet friends in the park, go to music class and generally hang around town learning about life together.

Matt makes Daniel so happy that when Matt leaves a room, Daniel cries.

I honestly couldn't ask for a better father for my baby boy than Matt and I know that Daniel knows how lucky he is to have such an amazing best friend as a Dad.

So here's to my husband, Daniel's Daddy, the person who all Dads should strive to emulate.

We love you so much and hope that you enjoyed your very first Father's Day!


  1. What we all really want to know: was it astronaut ice cream or the real deal?

  2. Excellent (and valid) question! It was an almond ice cream bar from the ice cream truck. So... something in between real and fake? :)

  3. adorable. Every part of all of this!

  4. My cup runneth over...
    with love for you all