Friday, April 2, 2010

Thanking the Rivos

One devoted reader pointed out that I have YET to thank the couple responsible for all of our recent goodness in terms of real estate and tv stardom:  Phil & Iris Rivo.

Phil and Iris Rivo not only help guide us in our marital and parenthood way, but Phil is pretty much responsible for our new house (being our real estate agent) and they were already down the path of the TV show (more to come on that later) and invited us along.  What more can I say?  Pretty amazing, right?  Also, I'm hoping their kids (Sammy & Lilly) babysit for Daniel one day.

On top of all of that,  my favorite piece of art that hangs over Daniel's crib is by Iris - who is an incredible artist.

SO - this is my official (and belated) THANKS for everything the Rivo family does for us!


  1. Three cheers and many thanks for Iris and Phil!

  2. phil rivo4/07/2010

    aw shucks....
    you're too kind!