Friday, April 23, 2010

A Late 9 Month Check-up

For those who know me well, it's no surprise to hear that work has taken over my once semi-peaceful and happy life.  I have barely been home in the last few weeks and the in order to prove my insane buzy-ness  (aside from my faltering friendships and sleepless nights) I will admit that I FORGOT to schedule a 9 month check up for Daniel.  I'm a new mom - check-ups have been what I look forward to in order to find out that my son is developing correctly and weighs what he's supposed to weigh.  So, while I was in San Francisco last week, I quickly made the appointment for today.

Weight: 20lbs, 12 oz; 55th percentile (so there to everyone on the street who says he's "so huge!)
Length: 30.5" (not really, we know the nurse messed up); 95th percentile (ha!  I'm 5'4"; Matt is 5'8")
Head circumference: 45 3/4"; 70th percentile

He also spent a great deal of time crawling around the office while we waiting (and as much as I love our pediatrician, he made some lame remark about how if Daniel gets sick it wasn't him letting him crawl all over the floor.  I mean, what else can I do with an antsy 9 month old while we wait for YOU for 15 minutes?!) and flirting with the nurses.... naked.

Oh, he also officially started "cruising".  I'll get in on video asap.


  1. he's precious ~ and starting to really resemble the Rosen side!!! xoxo

  2. My little cutie - what a face - Marnz - he looks so much like you did - with, ofcourse, the most beautiful blue eyes in the world - next to his Daddy, Matt.