Friday, August 28, 2009

Poppy the Charmer and a Celebrated Sneeze!

A few weeks ago Daniel had the distinct pleasure of spending a weekend with his great grandparents: Gram and Poppy. Even though Poppy said that he didn't think he could fall in love with such a small baby (he was expecting the boundless love to kick in somewhere around 6 months) he fell head over heels for the Bing Man.

This was at the same time that Daniel started to really focus on people - but he wasn't doing it all the time... until Poppy charmed him!

It was so great to watch Daniel interact with Gram and Poppy. Here's Daniel with Poppy and Daddy:

And with Gram and Mimi:

I think about my grandparents right now and know how much they would love Daniel. I am certain that Daniel will bring as much life into the world as his great grandfather, Bing, did and I can't wait to see if he's as good of a card player as his namesake!

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  1. love that you're getting into the blog. love these photos of the great-grandparents. Isn't it amazing that as "older parents" our kids are still lucky enough to have great grandparents?