Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When I'm 14

The two block walk to school allows for some of the best conversations with Daniel. Yesterday he told me that it was so foggy that he had to wear his new headlamp in order for us to find the school (Chanukah gift courtesy of his Uncle ChiChi and Aunt Yaya):

Lately Daniel likes to talk about the future.  Specifically when he's "really really big.  When I'm 14, Mommy!" And today he told me about some seriously big plans:

Daniel: "When I'm 14 I'm going to be really really strong and I will lift up a house!"
Me:  "No way, man!  Only Superman can lift up a house"
Daniel pauses and thinks about that for a minute or so and then we pass an iron fence.
Daniel:  "When I'm 14 I will be so strong that I will be able to break this fence! I will break this fence and then walk through it, Mommy!"
Me:  "Wow.  That will be something to see.  When you're 14 we'll come here and try it.  By the way, that's in 11 years."
Daniel:  "Well, when I'm 14 I will be bigger and stronger than you and I will break the fence!"

I hope that he always has this level of confidence.

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