Friday, October 7, 2011

Bathtub Riffing..and a Debate with Matt

Matt and I often film Daniel in the bathtub.  Daniel, like most kids I suppose, goes into his own little bath world and babbles nonstop.  It's a good time.  Some of our best film moments happen in the bath, but it has brought up a debate between Matt and I and I welcome your comments.

The debate is:  how much is OK to show in the bathtub? 

This all started because I was posting videos on this blog of Daniel in the bath and didn't pay attention to all of the "parts" that I was actually posting on the internet.  I just thought that since I know almost everyone who sees this blog, who cares?

Well, I filmed Daniel in the bath the other night, posted it to my You Tube page (which is how I embed all of the videos on this blog) and sent the link to my parents, sister and in-laws.  When Matt looked at the video, there were 700 views and in the last 2 minutes of the video, more of Daniel was showing than one would want 700 people to see.  So, Matt tells me to make the video private.  I'm annoyed simply because he's right.  But, my question is: how much is TOO Much?  I get it that full frontal 'aint cool.  But what about his tushy?  Is a little tushy OK?  And, if not, maybe showing him in the bathtub at all is a no-no.  Please discuss.

In the meantime (and until there is an answer), I went out with my future sister-in-law last night (yay!) and Matt showed me this amazing video when I returned home (for obvious reasons starting at about second 44, it's the best video ever).  Check out this GEM!


  1. Ok- that was freaking adorable!!Love my nephew- and love Matthew's facial hair---- Maybe Shrinkie and Daniel can have a bath party when you come visit!

  2. future sister-in-law... that's me!! yay! :) also, this is the cutest video ever, second only to daniel singing baby shrinkie his abc's.