Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amazing Acts of Stillness

While my blogging may be way behind lately, Daniel is still 15 months old.  He is incredibly active and rarely stops for more than a minute or two which is why the events of this evening are blogworthy.

Tonight, we tried to video chat with my parents.  A comedy in itself and I never expect Daniel to last for more than 2 seconds.  Every time we try to video chat with my parents, they can't get their computer to work or whatever "high speed" network they're on doesn't really let them video chat as they are always sitting on their couch and just stuck on the screen.  They can see us perfectly fine so they continue to talk and blow kisses, but Daniel and I are just kind of sitting there looking at a blurry face stuck on the screen (I really can't do the humor justice).

Anyhow... tonight, Daniel sat on my lap in front of the computer for about 10 or 15 minutes while we tried to video chat (Tried is the key word here.  It never really happened and seeing my parents faces blurry and stuck on a screen is weird enough for me - I have to believe that it totally freaks out Daniel).  It was incredible.  He didn't wiggle and he didn't try to attack the keyboard.  He just sat on my lap playing with a couple of blocks and hung out.  Super sweet.

When it was time  to go to sleep, I asked Daniel to get me his favorite book (this was an experiment... I had no idea what he was going to do).  So, he went into his house and starting leafing through "Caps for Sale" (his father's favorite).  I scooped him and the book up and we sat on his chair and read the ENTIRE book!  People... the entire book (and not a picture book).  This was big.  Again, no squirming, no pauses, just the entire snuggly time of reading the book together. 

Two amazing acts of stillness! 


  1. I don't want everyone to think that G and I are not computer literate - but we do have a problem with video chatting. I think that DB sat so still was that he was mesmerized by these not so clear pictures of 2 idiots sitting on a couch looking ridiculous. The only time he really reacted is when he saw Jake - he even kind of snapped his fingers to call him (Nana Max taught him that)

    We will work on improving our video chat times - it's supposed to be a fun time, right?????

  2. Mom- you and Dad are computer illiterate- SORRY

  3. I love it when the busy ones sit still. For me, right now its when Eleri is tired enough to sink her whole body into me and put her head on my shoulder. Delicious.