Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Daddy, Day 2

Matt is in Montreal partying like a rockstar at Mike D's bachelor party and I'm at home being a full time single mom until I go to the shore later this afternoon.

I have to say that while we both miss Matt a ton, I have not only had so much fun over the last two days but I honestly think I've been more productive than I have since Daniel was born.  No joke.  I've gotten through so much on my to-do list that it's a little sick.  Daniel, luckily, is the best kid in the world so he's actually been chilling out much of the time that I've been organizing, cleaning, etc.  Mealtimes have also been pretty fun and quite successful!

We were even lucky enough to be doing an errand in Hoboken yesterday afternoon when my friends, the Giacopellis, invited us out for dinner with them and Daniel's friend, Ryan.  What a dinner it was!  It was a gorgeous night, we sat outside and, amazing, both kids ate dinner (not always guaranteed these days) AND they let us eat our dinners and drink our wine.  I can't believe this happened!  Mind you, this was the first time Daniel ate french fries and buttery delicious grilled cheese - but he devoured it all.

To say thanks, we gave the little guys ice cream for dessert - which neither of us has ever done.  Quite the evening!

We're now off to the shore where we will be meeting up with Jody, Joy and all 5 of their kids for the week.  Definitely will be posting about this - especially since they're driving up here in THIS.... should be interesting, indeed!

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