Monday, August 30, 2010

An End to a Hair Era

While Christine did a fabulous job with Daniel's first haircut, his hair grows about as fast as mine and it was time for a full-blown, sit-in-a-chair-with-a-cape-on, haircut.

Here's my british rockstar son before:

During his cut at Doodle Doo's in Manhattan:

And here's my not-totally-clean-cut-but-at-least-I-can-see-his-face son after:

I still get to rub my face in his hair and his curls still come out when it's wet or humid, so not everything has changed!  That being said, I think I want to grow it back out now.


  1. The best of both - handsome little boy AND beautiful baby sweet

  2. Bridget8/31/2010

    I love it and he looks adorable! Ollie had his first cut in Cali in July and I was so sad :) But it grows back fast. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Oct. Have a great holiday!

  3. How can a child be so gorgeous with alot of curls and maybe not as many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pooh, Pooh)
    Daniel Bing, you're beautiful and we love and miss you - Nana Max, Poppa G & Jakey