Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy 8 Months!

Another month already?? Noooooooo!

Ok, while I'm obviously thrilled to wish Daniel Bing a beautiful 8 month birthday, I just want him to stay a little baby, but I know that he is quickly becoming a little boy. I don't want to say that it makes me sad because I couldn't feel more proud of him or excited for his future, but I guess I just see the end of the baby road now that he is so mobile and growing so damn fast.

In the last few weeks Daniel not only started to crawl, but he fully pulls himself to standing and is now starting to try to creep around on his feet once he's up. He is so talkative and communicative and is forming very specific opinions which he is definitely not afraid to express! He's moved into a convertible carseat (bye-bye infant seat) and we already moved his crib lower because of the whole pulling himself up thing.

The funny, cute and not-so-cute things: falling asleep sitting up in his crib, waking up and playing by himself in his crib (rather than the usual immediate crying at 6:30am), first injury (ok - a small one, but still important... see his eye in a few pictures below), throwing fits (the not-so-cute kind), refusing to let me put on a diaper and PJs at night (REALLY not-so-cute).

Above everything else, there are two new things that I love more than anything (kind of selfish): 1. Daniel is resting his head on my shoulder and/or falling asleep on my shoulder which he hasn't done since he was a newborn; 2. He's becoming a little shy and buries his face in my chest when he feels that way. This second point happened this past weekend and it took me completely by surprise. For the first time I felt that he "needed" me in a cognitive way. This is more than needing a bottle or a boob when hungry. It's something so little that every kid does, but when it happened to me, I melted.

Here are some of the best shots from the last couple of weeks - and a video of Daniel enjoying one of those tunnels that his friend, Ari, loved when he was just slightly older than Daniel (if I'm doing my math correctly)!

Happy Birthday, my love. You're already keeping us on our toes!

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  1. happy birthday daniel! i love the reminder of the tunnel! made me smile...