Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eating with Friends

Daniel and Oliver met in my new mom's group after Ollie's mom, Bridget, was kind enough to sit next to me and tell me that I wasn't crazy... new mommiehood is f-ing hard! Turns out that the boys have developed at basically the same rate so it's really funny to watch them hang. They're already showing signs of true friendship: eating together, crying together, holding hands and babbling a lot.

Here's a clip from a spontaneous lunch this past weekend at a local sushi joint. Obviously the adults were having as much fun as the babies!

In other news, this past week has been very exciting... Daniel has now begun to pull himself up (oy veh), go back to sitting from laying down and/or crawling AND he's going through his very first snotty-nose cold. Luckily the snot has not bothered him in the least! Also, he's still DAMN cute!

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