Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey Day 2009

We headed south and visited my family and friends in Atlanta for Thanksgiving this year. It almost goes without saying that spending a week with my family is nothing short of heavenly - although I do feel like I sometimes have to fight for a little bit of time with Daniel.

Daniel had a blast in Atlanta. He sat up by himself during his first visit with his new cousin, Bella Aria (my brother-in-law's sister's new baby girl). We Were hanging out on the floor and I realized that for about 5 seconds he really didn't need me to help him sit. Since then it's become second nature for him to sit up unassisted. In fact, he's now trying to sit up from reclined positions... specifically when I'm nursing him. This is both adorable and annoying.

He also used one of those old school bouncy things that hang from a doorway. It was hilarious. For those of you who don't know him, Daniel is a 4.5 month old ball of energy. His legs never stop moving (future soccer player) so we thought this would be a great new activity. Check him out:

His other new trick is his love of his own feet. This was a few weeks in the making, but the kid is obsessed with his feet now. He puts them in his mouth and moves them from side to side (hopefully leading to a roll over any time now).

For his last trick, Daniel graced us with a family picture in which he is actually looking at the camera. This only took about 50 takes - but well worth it!

It was and is literally impossible for me to officially give thanks for everything wonderful in my life - there is just too much to be thankful for and, in a way, a little too overwhelming to list. I am in love with my life and my boys give me that joy every single day. I am so very thankful and appreciate any and all reasons to publicly say it!

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