Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5 months and a Vacation of First Things

Truth be told, Daniel is now just about 6 months, rather than 5, but we left on our 2 week vacation on Daniel's 5 month birthday and when we returned home over a week ago, he seemed like a totally different baby. Highlights of his "firsts" are below, but let me briefly comment on our adventure.

We flew from NJ to San Diego, hopped in a horrible rental car (we have no idea why Ford Fusions are on the top of people's lists. It was awful!) and drove into the desert to visit Matt's dearest friends.. the Burke Family. Visiting the Burkes was part of the very first vacation Matt & I took together and what we say pretty much sealed the deal for our future. Daniel was amazing on the 6 hour flight... everyone commented on how great and cute he was (naturally). We spent a couple of nights at the Burkes and then we all headed north to meet my dearest friends, the Bahats, in a beautiful house that we rented in Morro Bay on the central coast of California. The plan was to hang with friends, cook amazing food, celebrate Chanukah, watch Matt & Mike surf and play with all 4 kids on the beach. Check for the first 3 things but dealing with nonstop rain for 3 days kind of stopped us from doing anything more than hanging in the house (which was beautiful, so we didn't really complain). Turns out that the weather pretty much sucked for our entire 2 week vacation in both California and Mexico - but it really didn't ruin a thing! Also, Roy made some damn good food.

I call this 2009 Vacation, Part 1:

First time in the cockpit of a plane (and riding in first class) for his 5 month birthday. Lucky boy, right?!):

First time celebrating Chanukah:

First time EATING solid food! Rice cereal... he loved it!:

Also just some general cuteness...

Daniel with the "big kids":

On our way to Santa Monica, stopped to watch the sunset:

Finally, Daniel with Lola.. the Burke's dog. She's massive, but a sweetheart:

At this point, the only downer (other than the weather) was the fact that the time change really messed up the little man. He was up about every hour or two the entire time we were in California. I was completely exhausted and was seriously reminded of what it was like when Daniel was a newborn (without the complete hysteria of hormones and general new mommiehoodness) so we slept with him most of the trip and though it was tough at times, at least I got this shot:

Matt and I couldn't wait to get to Mexico. Blue waters, sunny skies, our entire family to babysit and hang out with.... it couldn't have been more exciting. Well, being with our family was absolutely amazing... but there were no blue waters where we stayed, the sky was sunny for 2 days out of 8 (one of those being the day we left) and the hotel we were staying in pretty much sucked unless you were between the ages 2-9. However, we really had a blast and were so relaxed and happy to be with our families that the things that went wrong really didn't matter to us at all. It was also quite hilarious to see our families basically fight over time with Daniel (the obvious winner being our cousin Lizzie who is 11 and Daniel's 2nd favorite person next to his great-grandfather, Poppy).

2009 Vacation, Part 2

First time swimming. We put him in both the pool (we dunked him a couple of times.. he cried but I think secretly loved it) and the ocean:

Really sitting on his own:

First time using passport, which I tried to take a picture of, but couldn't because I would have been arrested... so here's his passport picture (also our holiday card):

General cuteness...

Daniel and Lizzie (can I hire her to be my nanny at age 11?):

The joys of family around to babysit:

Like I said in the beginning, Daniel is like a new baby. He talks so much now, he sits up, he's eating like a champ (separate post to come) and while he was up all night, every night on our vacation, he's now sleeping through the night from 7-7 without being fed and without us going into his room at all. AMEN! I'm told that he is (finally) starting to resemble me a little bit and his personality is getting bigger (and more demanding) by the day.

Happy belated 5 month birthday, my love. You are a rock star.


  1. YAY for sleeping. Miss you guys. Similarly dying to get home (tomorrow) and see what the new year and decade have in store. xoxo

  2. Beautifully written, Marnidear. And as much fun as you had... Mr. Bing's grandparents (speaking for all of us) had more. xoxo