Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hittin' the ATL

Daniel took his first airplane ride and headed south to Atlanta for a week of perfect weather (the biblical floods ended) and so much love from family and friends that he started sleeping through the night! This is not a joke. With a little help from a "dream feed" he pretty much slept from 8pm to 7am. Bliss!

This was obviously the first time that Matt & I traveled with child and we were both nervous. Did we pack too much crap? Are we going to annoy the people behind us? Are those people looking at us on the plane praying that we don't have a screamer?
*Sidebar: Matt and I have always been very proud of our black diamond status at airports... we can get through security in a blink of an eye and never need to check baggage. Those days are so obviously over that it's a little sad.

I'm happy to report that Mr. Bing was a perfect traveler. He barely made a peep and we think the kid could travel around the world at this point. Here he is on the way down south:

Atlanta was quite the time. Daniel was in love overload:

Also, he may become a concert pianist:

And last, but not least, he bonded with Jake:

For the first time since I left Atlanta in 1996, I can honestly say that I'm sorry I don't live there now. The community that Daniel would be a part of and the love of family and friends he has down there is overwhelming and while we have a lovely life full of friends and family in New Jersey, I can't help but think that life would be so very sweet down there! Thankfully it's only a 1.5 hour flight (on a good day) so we will continue to rack up the frequent flier miles and spend countless long weekends down there.

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