Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Little Lady Killer (posting so I don't forget this!)

Writing this story will not do it justice, but I want to remember it forever, so....

Memorial Day weekend.  First time back to my in-law's shore house since Hurricane Sandy.  Since there are no yards left, we had set up beach chairs in front of the house and were just hanging out.

My brother-in-law is quite a master of laying out.  He can fall asleep no matter the heat or sun and he can just lay on a lounge chair for hours.  So, while he was laying out there in our first not-at-all-normal day back at the beach, Daniel said he wanted to "relax with Uncle Dave".  We moved a beach chair close to Dave and reclined it all the way.

Daniel was "relaxing" and eating some snacks.  Relaxing, laying down, not really doing much.  Out of nowhere 3 teenage girls, who we don't know, walk down the street from the beach in bikinis.

Daniel sits straight up, raises his hand and says "Hey Girls" and then lays back down (note to self:  he currently pronounces 'Girls' as 'Gruils')

Dave and I laugh harder than we've ever laughed.  Daniel didn't blink an eye.  The girls giggle and say "Hi"

End of story.

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