Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chanukah Batman Guy

Chanukah has been super fun so far.  Daniel is way into lighting the candles and opening presents.  

Tonight he got two books from us and a Batman figure from Nanny and Papa (so far they have sent him more gifts than we got him and he has loved them all).  Mind you, Daniel has never seen Batman.  But, he is super into Batman because of a Batman t-shirt with cape that he got for Halloween and his Batman toothbrush.  

Anyhow, he opens the gift and says, "OOOOH, Batman Guy!".   We said "this IS Batman" and he says "Yay! Batman Guy!"

Fast forward to bedtime.  Daniel didn't want to go to sleep and for almost 30 minutes said "Mommy, Batman Guy.  Mommy, Batman Guy!"  I finally gave in and went in there, gave him the Batman Guy and said "Now Go To Sleep".  

Not a peep.

2 hours later, Matt snapped this picture:

Nanny and Papa... great gift!  Happy Chanukah!


  1. that's my buddy....when you sending him down south again..????

  2. Glad it helped to get him to bed