Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Skills: Walking When He Wants and Using a Fork

Faithful readers, I am way behind in posts.  My sincere apologies!

Now, you may think that walking is WAY more important than using a fork (agreed) but Daniel is still in walking denial so it's been hard to get a good video.  As soon as he realizes he's walking he stops and either cries or sits down and lifts his hand for our hand.  So, I'll work on the walking video... it's coming (slowly, but surely).  The important thing is that he's officially walking (even agreed to by my husband) and he looks like a little duckling waddling around.  Adorable.

Daniel is 14 months old and he is a budding toddler and I can't wait to do a proper update as soon as I have more than 45 minutes at night.  However, this is one video that just had to be posted:

As cute as it looks, Daniel's fork maneuvering also means that he pretty much refuses being spoon-fed which, quite frankly, can be a cute pain in the ass.  Alas, I'm proud of my little guy for picking up this new skill and think that whipping up a nice roux might be the next step!

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  1. Eleri now will ONLY "do it myself!"

    I keep forgetting to plan an extra TWENTY MINUTES (baseline) to anything we need to do to account for the time it takes a 2 year old to do things she doesn't actually know how to do, and will likely NEVER be able to master... like putting on her own diaper.