Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Passport Photo, Take 2

So the Hudson County Passport Services office took a picture of Daniel (see previous post) which was rejected by the government (lovely news seeing as though we're leaving for Mexico in a few weeks) so we went to our local photo place for new photos.

OMG. Can these be any f-ing cuter??? I think he looks like a British punk rocker but Matt thinks he looks more like an Irish Mobster, so I used the sepia tone finish on the photo below to really bring out the mobster in him.

This kid is going places, I tell you!


  1. Darn right this kid is going places....directly to Roswell to spend precious time with POPA G, and I can't wait

  2. favorite daniel picture to date. I know there will be many more! Though Clio's passport photo when she was just about a year remains one of my favorites.

  3. Add a mustache.. and our baby looks like Pubert from the Addams Family movie - only way more adorable!